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What is the Matter?

During August and September of 2017, I was the artist-in-residence for the Bubbler at the Madison Public Library’s Central branch.

The project of this residency was entitled  “What is the Matter” and focused on problem solving for the patrons of the library and the community at large. There were workshops on conflict resolution, intergenerational photography sessions, and weekly problem solving sessions, which began as one on one meetings and often grew into group conversations to solve one participant’s problem.

There was also a more passive project that I took very little intervention in, where a board for “problems” and a board for “solutions” existed outside the residency space. Patrons could list a problem of their own, and help solve the problems that others had listed. Examples of that can be seen in the photos below. At the end of the second month, I hosted a potluck and attendees solved the several problems that had not yet been taken care of.

These problems and solutions will be made into a small book that will be available to the public in the Bubbler. In addition to the problems and solutions, there will be a small appendix in the back of the book sharing the practical and necessary resources I learned about throughout the course of the residency while trying to solve some of the problems our community is faced with.

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