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Sustain / Apart

This project was installed at the Brand Library Art Galleries in Glendale, CA, from January 15 to February 25 of 2011.

I began this project by creating a qualitative survey on separation, and disseminating it through various forms of media. These surveys were accompanied by one of three photographs. The results of the surveys were then archived and installed in a gallery, with the three photographs adjacent to the installation.

The installation consisted of two adjoined domestic spaces, with the survey archives held in two different suitcases. Each of the survey responses were copied onto paper for the archive in my own hand, and categorized according to a specific set of characteristics. Music played out of the suitcases in the two separate rooms. Visitors were encouraged to spend time with the archive, sitting on the beds or chairs, creating a space for socializing, sharing and reflection.

While the images and questions arose initially as an attempt to understand my own experiences of separation through divorce and other means, creating the installation and archive allowed the idea of separation (and people experiences with it) to become a much larger expression of communal knowledge.

Read a review of the exhibit in the Glendale News-Press.

The things we have and have not said

A survey and installation created at SOIL Gallery in Seattle, WA, June-July 2009 around the following questions:

  • What causes silence?
  • Does silence affect relationships?
  • Can you give an example of how silence functions in your life, literally or metaphorically?

Can You Record the Feeling of Contact? (A request for participation)

This project was a continuation of a survey on the methods by which people maintain relationships and how they are affected by processes of communication. The archive containing all responses prior to the show was on display for visitors to peruse. Tea and cookies were served.

Installed at UCLA’s Wight Biennial, September 2008.