FORWARD TOGETHER: a March to Janesville

Wisconsin constituents who resist the Trump agenda are frustrated by the wall of silence our representatives have put forth against our concerns and demands. Paul Ryan will not meet with us. But why should we not still address our concerns to him in the public eye? As the recent Ron Johnson empty chair town hall showed us, we can demand to be heard.

We ask not to gather only in the city, but to march throughout our state. We will walk through rural and urban, hoping for conversations along the way, bringing attention to all of our state’s citizens.

And so we ask you to join us. March with us to Janesville. Walk the whole way, exhaust our bodies the way our minds and hearts have been exhausted. Walk as an act of endurance and moving forward together.

We have chosen a weekend to do this walk: Memorial Day Weekend. We will have 3 days to walk the Ice Age Trail, camp along the way, and hopefully gather more citizens in our ranks. On the Tuesday morning following, we will arrive outside Paul Ryan’s office. We do not imagine that if he is in town he will see us, but if we are able to gain a bit of media attention, and grow our community a bit, that will be something.

This is not an activity that will be appealing to or possible for everyone. We would like for it to be as intersectional and accessible as possible, and so we hope to make accomodations for people of every background and ability to join for the length of time they would like to participate.

Because this project is still in the planning stages, we are open to thoughts, ideas and constructive criticism. If you would like to be involved in any way, walking or otherwise, please send us a message.

To get involved, send a message through the website contact form or visit the FB event page.

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