I was born in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, between the cornfields and coyotes. I was raised to love animals and friends, walking and cooking, baking and eating, suspense and surprises. Problem solving is one of my greatest joys.

Everything I do in life and art is based on a desire for contact with people I know, and people I’m meant to meet. I strive to maintain these connections over distance and extend the common experiences that keep us together. I photograph every day toward a never-ending visual archive of experience. When the photographs are developed, I find emotional themes in the work and create qualitative surveys based on those themes. The responses to these surveys are then organized into archives, and placed into gallery installations that allow viewers to reflect on their own relationship to the theme at hand.

I live in Madison, WI, work as a Digital Conversion Specialist at UW-Madison, and freelance as a photographer in my spare time that doesn’t involve art.